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11.05.2019 / Conferences, sessions Researchers of the Institute of Physiology took part in the international conference

     Researchers of the Institute of Physiology named after academician Abdulla Garayev, ANAS, Kasumov Ch.Yu., Ph.D., Abbasova M.T., Ph.D., Keremova N.Yu., Ph.D., Teymurova N.N., Gasymova Z.A. and Rustamov F.E. participated with a report in the international conference in honor of the 96th anniversary of the People’s Leader Heydar Aliyev - “Mointains: Cultures, Landscapes and Biodiversity”, held at the Western Caspian University and were awarded certificates.

     The international conference lasted 2 days, at which lectures of famous scientists from many countries of the world were heard and discussed.


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